Designing the urban landscape

Grün Berlin is a state-owned group of companies that develops, builds, and operates a large number of public open space and infrastructure projects in Europe's greenest metropolis. From the Berlin Wall Memorial to the Kulturforum, from the Park at Gleisdreieck to the IGA 2017, from the tourist information system to the implementation of sustainable mobility concepts like the rapid cycle connections: Grün Berlin designs and makes a difference in the capital and can look back on more than 100 successfully implemented individual projects.

What drives Grün Berlin are the increasing challenges of a growing metropolis with changing life, leisure, and mobility needs. The goal: to increase the quality of life of Berlin’s residents and guests. That’s why Grün Berlin develops the urban spaces of today and tomorrow with interdisciplinary expertise and in a dialogue with members of the public.

The Grün Berlin Group includes the following companies: Grün Berlin GmbH, Grün Berlin Stiftung, Grün Berlin Service GmbH, GB infraVelo GmbH

Grün Berlin Group