Designing urban landscapes

Berlin is one of Europe’s greenest capitals. Its diverse urban parks and landmark cultural projects in open spaces make a major contribution to the city’s quality of life and identity. Open public spaces are becoming increasingly important in urban development as a response to climate change, the increasing urban density of growing cities and the individual local recreational needs of their residents.

We are a state-owned group of companies responsible for developing, executing and operating complex schemes in open spaces and for a wide range of projects and parks in the capital that are essential to both residents and tourists. With our enterprises, we are making a major contribution to designing Berlin’s urban landscapes in projects ranging from the Berlin Wall Memorial to the Kulturforum, from the Park am Gleisdreieck to the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) 2017, from the Britzer Garten to information systems for tourists. Working for the State of Berlin, its residents and visitors, we apply our interdisciplinary expertise to provide integrative development of urban and open spaces. We have decades of experience in working together with our team of landscape architects, architects, civil engineers, urban planners, geographers, accountants, culture and event managers, and marketing and technical experts. We can look back on years of experience in managing more than 100 diverse, prize-winning individual projects with a total construction volume of over 350 million Euros.

We develop planning processes that offer a wide range of opportunities for public participation, as well as usage and operating concepts for open spaces, parks and buildings that are designed to be sustainable for the long term. We work to create a wide variety of green cultural and recreational sites, spaces for encounters, for peace and quiet, and parks offering adventure and activities in public spaces.

Grün Berlin Group