Park and operations management

  • Management and qualification
  • Visitor and utilisation services
  • Marketing and event management

The Grün Berlin Group is responsible for the management and ongoing conceptual and design development of more than 700 hectares of parks and open public spaces, as well as over 100 buildings. More than 3.2 million people from Berlin, Germany, and all over the world visit the city’s parks every year and their number is growing.

Sustainable park and operations management seeks to meet both the needs of various visitor groups and the parks’ many technical requirements. State-of-the-art park management ensures smooth operations and creates a fundamental framework for catering services, safety and other visitor facilities. It also involves coordinating all structural maintenance measures for open spaces, buildings and technical facilities. As well as carrying out modernisation measures, we are furthering the design and conceptual development of Berlin’s green recreational and natural spaces. We are responsible for the care and maintenance of significant historic and political sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial and Berlin Wall Trail (Mauerweg) and look after historic monuments and cultural assets for the State of Berlin.

We raise our parks’ profiles with targeted marketing and communication measures and a diverse range of uses and events.

As well as working on our large parks, we have undertaken park and operations management for the following projects:

Project database



Grün Berlin GmbH took over this 23.4 ha former amusement park in the Plänterwald forest in 2016. Our goal is to develop an environmentally sustainable culture and recreation park that will be appropriate for the fragile Spree Park site and attractive to both tourists and Berliners.

Development measures in the Kienberg Park


The Kienbergpark extends across the Kienberg hill, areas of the Wuhletal and the “Auftakt Hellersdorf” green space. A new urban and park landscape will be completed here by 2017.

T4 Memorial and Information point


Since 2014 the T4 Memorial and Information Point has commemorated those murdered in the Nazi’s euthanasia programme in the Kulturforum’s northern area.

Information system for tourists


Signs showing tourists the way have been erected all over Berlin since 2004. It’s a dynamic city and constantly changing so regular updates are necessary.



The Mauerpark is famed far beyond Berlin, and not just because of its history as part of the Berlin Wall complex. On warm summer evenings its green spaces attract lots of visitors.

Park am Gleisdreieck


A new kind of city park has been established at Gleisdreieck. Construction work on the park is now complete, although it is still undergoing further development.



The Flaschenhals (‘bottleneck’) Park is on former railway grounds between Yorckstrasse and Monumentenbrücke. The park was named after its shape, which is reminiscent of an upside down bottle.



Unused wasteland around the Monumentenbrücke bridge in Schöneberg was turned into a new urban square that was opened to the public at the end of 2014.

Green corridor along the old Dresdner Bahn railway track

Green space

In 2015 it became possible to continuously walk, cycle or skate along this green corridor that follows the Dresdner Bahnrail route – also accessible for people with disabilities – all the way from the Schöneberg Südgelände Nature Park to the government quarter in Mitte.

Green Corridor along the Panke

Green space

The many places of interest and historically significant sites along the Panke are connected by a continuous path following the stream’s course.