Route and parking

Further information for route and parking during the IGA can be found when you click here.


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Opening hours

Gardens of the World are closed from 17.10.2016 until the IGA Berlin starts on 13.04.2017.

Special opening hours at cash point Eisenacher Straße

daily von 12 am until 4 pm


More infromation about the Entry during the IGA

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For entry to the Britzer Garten, Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände and Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow, and from October to December 2016 for Schloss Biesdorf.

€ 30.00 €
(annual subscription € 20.00 )

(aged 6-14)

€ 15.00 €
(annual subscription € 10.00 )

People with disabilities
(with ID)

€ 15.00
(annual subscription € 10.00 )


The Eisenacher Strasse entrance is barrier-free and can be passed through with a wheelchair or pram.
There are car parking spaces for the disabled at the Eisenacher Strasse entrance to the left and right in the car park.
Barrier-free toilets are provided at various points throughout the park.
The themed gardens are designed to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs or with prams.

Wheelchairs available free of charge 
Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Eisenacher Strasse entrance, subject to availability.
Only a few wheelchairs are available so we strongly advise reserving one a few days in advance by phoning 030 – 700906-615. 

Gardens of the World regulations

Please observe park regulations (see the download area)!
*Visitors with prams and/or wheelchairs cannot pass through the turnstile.