Route and parking

Please consider using public transport since there are not enough parking lots available.

By public transport and Ropeway
  • U5 to U-Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) stn. / Ropeway from U-Kienberg (Gärten der Welt) stn. to Ropeway Stn. Gärten der Welt – Blumberger Damm
  • S7 to S-Mehrower Allee stn. / X69 in dir. Müggelheim, Odernheimer Str. to bus stop „Kienbergstr. / Gärten der Welt“
  • S7 to S-Marzahn stn. / bus 195 in dir. S-Mahlsdorf stn. or U5 to Cottbusser Platz stn. and bus 195 in dir. S-Marzahn stn. always to bus stop „Eisenacher Straße – Gärten der Welt“
By car

A 10 (Berliner Ring) exit Berlin-Marzahn (3), L33 to Landsberger Allee/Blumberger Damm, follow signs
City centre: Frankfurter Allee (B1 / B5) to Alt Biesdorf / Blumberger Damm, follow signs. Parking available at both entrances.


  • Main Entrance Blumberger Damm 44
  • Entrance Eisenacher Straße
  • South Entrance

Opening hours

daily from 9 AM until nightfall

Opening Hours of the Theme Gardens

daily from 9 AM

  • Japanese Garden from Monday to Friday from 12:00 AM

  • Not including special events/special exhibitions.


  • Closed from November to the end of March:
    Oriental Garden, Korean „Seoul Garden“; Japanese Garden;

Subject to weather: Theme Gardens, International Garden Cabinets and the Water Gardens „Promenade Aquatica“

  • Opened all-season: Balinese Garden in the Tropical Hall

Opening hours of the cash points

Daily from 9 AM until 4 PM (November to February)
Daily from 9 am until 6 pm (March and October)
Daily from 9 am until 8 pm (April to September)


Day Ticket – Buy online

Not including special events/special exhibitions.
  Summer Winter (November - March)
Adults 7,00 € 4,00 €
Reduced * 3,00 € 2,00 €
Adults  incl. Ropeway 9,90 € 6,90 €
Reduced * incl. Ropeway 5,50 € 4,50 €

Evening Ticket in summer from 5:00 PM
(Mo.-Fr.  not including Ropeway and special events/special exhibitions )

4,50 €  

School classes

(maximum of 30 children; including 2 accompanying adults,
please bring a school authorisation)

15,00 €  

Free entry: Children below age 6; Company of disabled persons with ID

*Pupil with Pupil ID Card I; severe disability with GDB 50; owners of berlinpass


Annual pass - Buy online

Includes admission to the Britzer Garten, Gärten der Welt, Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände and Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow.
Anual Pass Adults

€ 30.00 €
(annual subscription € 20.00 )

Anual Pass Adults with ropeway € 45.00 €
(annual subscription € 35.00 )
Anual Pass Pupil
(with pupil ID card I)

€ 15.00 €
(annual subscription € 10.00 )

Anual Pass Pupil with ropeway
(with pupil ID card I)
€ 30.00 €
(annual subscription € 25.00 )
Anual Pass People with disabilities
(severe disability with GDB 50)

€ 15.00
(annual subscription € 10.00 )

Anual Pass People with disabilities with ropeway
(severe disability with GDB 50)
€ 30.00 €
(annual subscription € 25.00 )
Anual Pass berlinpass
(owners of berlinpass)
€ 15.00
(annual subscription € 10.00 )
Anual Pass berlinpass with ropeway
(owners of berlinpass)
€ 30.00 €
(annual subscription € 25.00 )


The Eisenacher Strasse entrance is barrier-free and can be passed through with a wheelchair or pram.
There are car parking spaces for the disabled at the Eisenacher Strasse entrance to the left and right in the car park.
Barrier-free toilets are provided at various points throughout the park.
The theme gardens are designed to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs or with prams.

Wheelchairs available free of charge
Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Eisenacher Strasse entrance, subject to availability.
Only a few wheelchairs are available so we strongly advise reserving one a few days in advance by phoning 030 – 700906-615. 

Gardens of the World regulations

Please observe park regulations (see the download area)!
*Visitors with prams and/or wheelchairs cannot pass through the turnstile.