A space for activities & oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the city

An overgrown wilderness and carefully designed landscape, restorative retreat and versatile open space – a new type of city park has been created in Berlin’s Gleisdreieck area. Local residents were involved in its development from the outset. The 26-hectare Park am Gleisdreieck, consisting of eastern and western Ostpark and Westpark sections, has evolved from an inaccessible wasteland to a favourite place for Berliners and tourists of all ages.

A hundred years ago this was a railway hub in an industrial setting. Now a modern Berlin public park offers space for everyone: skaters and joggers, walkers and beach volleyball players, picnickers and sports enthusiasts, nature explorers and technology fans.

The Park am Gleisdreieck has been awarded the Architekturpreis Berlin (Berlin architecture prize) 2013, Sonderpreis Deutscher Städtebau (German urban development special prize) 2014 and Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis (German landscape architecture prize) 2015.