Historic relics testify to the park’s and its area’s history, which has been ‘moving’ in many senses of the word. Many of these vestiges have been integrated into the new park’s design, historic remnants and relics such as copses and individual trees, old platforms, buffers, signalling equipment and paved areas – all reminders of its former railway function worth preserving. The Ostpark’s northern entrance is also characterised by sensitive treatment of the site’s historic relics. In this area old paved surfaces and “railyards nature” along the old freight sheds have been retained. Strategically positioned tree plantings break up the space and compensate for trees lost in the necessary renovation of the historic wall along Möckernstrasse, creating a unique entrance situation that reminds visitors of its railways past.

Another historic relic is the old milk loading ramp, which was turned into a safe area for visitors to relax in. Its former rails were also retained and there is an old freight wagon weighbridge near its spacious lawn.

U-Bahn viaducts create a formative setting for the Westpark and individual viaduct arches of this inimitable transport architecture lend the park additional structure.