Kienberg Park - a new urban and park landscape in the Wuhletal valley from 2017

The 60-hectare Kienberg Park, which will be completed in time for the IGA 2017, is a new type of park. Its various links to the urban space and landscape around it, the diverse range of facilities it offers, and its outstanding unique features, such as a 1.5 km cableway, will make it a major attraction.

The park’s nucleus is the 110 metre-high Kienberg. Its top is now “crowned” with a 30-metre-high lookout tower that will be a landmark visible for miles around - the “Wolkenhain”. The Wolkenhain is designed to look like a walk-in floating cloud. Visitors to the Wolkenhain will have a fantastic view from a 140-metre height over central Berlin and Brandenburg’s cultivated landscapes. At the base of the building is a visitor information centre and café. Runnel and ridge terraces offer visitors interesting views across the Kienberg area and surrounding urban space and landscape.

At the foot of the Kienberg on its southern slope are the long Kienberg terraces. A 300-metre bridge structure spans the Wuhletal valley like an urban ‘brace’ linking the Hellersdorf and Marzahn districts.

In the eastern urban “Auftakt” area is the entrance to the Kienberg Park with a new urban square and Belvedere, Märkische Garden, the Metropolis playground for children and adolescents, and the cableway station.

This area will soon be easily reached on the U5 U-Bahn rail line and re-designed “Kienberg - Gärten der Welt” station. Visitors will soon also be able to continue their journey on the cableway across the Kienberg into the Gardens of the World (Gärten der Welt). The route is also designed to accommodate disabled passengers. A wealth of nature conservation projects and a new environmental education centre are among further elements planned for the park.