In March 1999 3.4 hectares of the 18-hectare Natur-Park Südgelände were classified as a nature conservation area.

The former freight railway system brought many exotic species into the area, such as the cave spider, Nesticus eremita, native to southern France. Visitors walking along the site’s paths and walkways that follow the old railway lines will discover historic railway relics embedded in flowery dry grasslands and unspoilt groups of trees.

The park boasts an impressive range of species: 30 kinds of birds, 57 types of spiders, 95 sorts of wild bees, 15 varieties of crickets and more than 350 plant species and 49 macro-fungi have been documented on the site. One special feature are the hawkweed species here. This is the only place in Berlin and Brandenburg where hawkweed (Hieracium fallax) and spotted hawkweed grow. There are also many beautiful wild roses here, some of them very rare.

Information panels provide details on the site’s flora and fauna.