Planning, implementation & management

The Grün Berlin group works on distinguished open space planning projects that are of urban development or urban policy interest beyond the Berlin region or require interdisciplinary management involving various administrative bodies. We plan, develop and implement mainly open space projects that are of national significance and enhance Berlin’s appeal as a capital city offering a wide range of cultural, tourism and services options.

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The ULAP site


Behind Berlin’s new main railway station (Hauptbahnhof) is the historic former Universum-Landesausstellungs Park (ULAP) exhibition centre site. This once forgotten wasteland has been transformed into a new urban landscape.

Lindenufer park in the old town of Spandau

Green space

The Lindenufer green space is in Spandau’s historic ‘Altstadt’ town centre at the confluence of the Spree and Havel rivers. It was redesigned to incorporate an attractive riverbank promenade and since 2015 has also been integrated into the Havel cycle route.


Green space

After many dreary years, the Lustgarten on the Museum Island was transformed in 1999 into a contemporary garden square, featuring spacious lawns, flowers and fountains.

Leipziger Platz


Leipziger Platz is the eastern part of the famous Potsdamer / Leipziger Platz twin squares. Traces of its past as an area bordering the Berlin Wall can still be found in its green spaces, which were completed in 2002.

Promenade along the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal

Green space

The Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal is a major element of Berlin’s system of open spaces, linking green spaces from Gleisdreieck through Tiergarten and Nordhafen up to Rehbergen.



ParkInvaliden Park was built as prestigious urban square on Invalidenstrasse between Scharnhorststrasse and Schwarzem Weg between 1992 and 1998.


Green space

This park was named after the Berlin painter Hans Baluschek (1870 – 1935), whose paintings focused on two subjects: the lives of Berliners and the railways.

Bullengraben green space

Green space

From 2004 to 2007 a new green corridor was developed along the Bullengraben from the Spandauer Burgwall to Staaken. More than 21 hectares of natural landscape and recreation areas underwent qualitative and ecological upgrading.