Center for Art and Public Space

ZKR - Schloss Biesdorf  – a new art space for Berlin


In September 2016, ZKR Schloss Biesdorf Center for Art and Public Space opened as a cultural project of Grün Berlin GmbH under the direction of Katja Aßmann. The new art institution is dedicated to the complex interplay of urban spaces, landscape and art. Various exhibitions show international contemporary artists in dialogue with positions from the former GDR. Frequent artist talks, lectures and concerts accompany the exhibitions and reflect current debates. Schloss Biesdorf maintains valuable cooperations. Already the first exhibition Mission Landscape was realized in cooperation with external curators and the art archive Beeskow.

The opening exhibition Mission Landscape presents almost 30 artistic locations, ranging from landscape painting, and multimedia-based installations to botanical experiments. They are presented in relation with works of art from the former GDR. The selected artists are dealing with our ideas of landscape, question the relationship between the individual and the environment, or ask questions about social responsibility and social functions of urban and landscape design. Director Katja Aßmann has her own word’s to define the concept: “Man-made landscapes from different times and cultures are shaping our conceptions of landscape itself. Artists in particular anchor these images in collective memory by capturing landscapes in drawings, paintings, photography, film or sound. The exhibition Mission Landscape is devoted to art, which in its very own way approaches the landscape as a cultural projection.” Next year, the contemporary artists of the exhibition will be present at the International Garden Exhibition with new art. Mission Landscape is therefore also a preview of the IGA Berlin 2017.

In its new function as a center for art and public space, Schloss Biesdorf will offer its visitors an entrance free exhibition about the history architecture of the building as well as a café-bistro and a spacious reception area with a shop from September 2016 on. There are also two meeting rooms, where a diversified cultural program will take place.