Planning, implementation & management

The Grün Berlin group works on distinguished open space planning projects that are of urban development or urban policy interest beyond the Berlin region or require interdisciplinary management involving various administrative bodies. We plan, develop and implement mainly open space projects that are of national significance and enhance Berlin’s appeal as a capital city offering a wide range of cultural, tourism and services options.

Project database

Design of open space around the Kulturforum


Important cultural institutions are concentrated around the Kulturforum between Potsdamer Platz and Reichpietschufer, an area designed to function and be perceived as an ensemble. One key to restoring its functions is the planning of the Kulturforum’s open spaces.



Unused wasteland around the Monumentenbrücke bridge in Schöneberg was turned into a new urban square that was opened to the public at the end of 2014.

Leipziger Platz


Leipziger Platz is the eastern part of the famous Potsdamer / Leipziger Platz twin squares. Traces of its past as an area bordering the Berlin Wall can still be found in its green spaces, which were completed in 2002.