Das Bild zeigt einen Steg, im Hintergrund ist die Seilbahn zu sehen.
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Development & participation

In 2017, the International Garden Exhibition was held in Berlin. The exhibition area covered a total of 100 hectares in Berlin's easternmost district with the Gärten der Welt and Kienberg Park. As early as April 2014, tasks of management and development of the open spaces at the Kienberg, areas of the Wuhletal and the so-called "Auftakt Hellersdorf", which today form Kienberg Park, were handed over by the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district office to Grün Berlin GmbH. A maintenance and use agreement exists beyond the IGA until 2033. The entire area of Kienberg Park has been freely accessible since the IGA Berlin 2017.

With the realisation of the extension of the Gärten der Welt and the development measures at the Kienberg and in the Wuhletal, the urgently needed barrier-free connection to the public transport, especially to the U5 tube line with direct connection to the main station, was created due to the increase in the number of visitors.