Das Bild zeigt wie Menschen über die Wiese des Mauerparks gehen, im Hintergrund ist der Fernsehturm zu erkennen.
© Andy Rumball


Service & info

Bahnrelikte (Gleise)
Barrierefreier Zugang
Eintritt frei
Fahrrad Stellplatz
Laufen und Joggen

Visitor information

Directions & entrances:
Bernauer Strasse 63
13355 Berlin

How to reach us: 

The Mauerpark is conveniently located. Parking is limited, so please use public transportation or bike.

  • Arrival by public transport: U2 to Eberswalder Straße/M10 to Wolliner Straße
  • By car: via Bernauer Str./Eberswalder Str.//via Lortzingstr. //via Gleimstr.


  • Bernauer Str. (barrier-free)
  • Lortzingstr. (barrier-free)
  • Gleimstr. (barrier-free)

Opening hours:

The Mauerpark is a public green space and therefore accessible without restrictions.


The Mauerpark is a public green space. Admission is free of charge.


The Mauerpark extension was planned to be barrier-free. All WC facilities are therefore designed to be accessible to disabled persons; the locations can be found in the park map 

Das Bild zeigt einen Weg im Mauerpark, eine Frau spaziert den Weg entlang, ein Mann lehnt an seinem Fahrrad.
© Andy Rumball

Park regulations:

You may play music and musical instruments only in the areas designated accordingly, provided you do not disturb the other park visitors and the local residents.

Barbecuing is permitted: all year round in the areas designated accordingly between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.; from June to August until 9 p.m.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided or take it home with you.

The "Hinterlandmauer" by the swings is a section of the former Berlin Wall and therefore a listed monument. However, as dealing with history in a creative way is part of the Mauerpark spirit, graffiti is permitted on the park side of the Wall. Please keep in mind that empty spray cans are considered hazardous waste and dispose of them accordingly.

Dealing in goods of any kind is not permitted in the Mauerpark and will therefore be prosecuted. There are numerous shops that sell everything you might need close to the Mauerpark.

Dog owners must supervise their dogs at all times and must also clear up their dogs' waste. There is a designated off-lead dog walking area by Bernauer Strasse; dogs must be kept on a lead elsewhere in the Mauerpark. Dogs are not permitted in playgrounds.

You may generally cycle on all Mauerpark paths. However, pedestrians always have the right of way.
Park service: Please follow the instructions of the service and security personnel.

Directly at the entrance on Bernauer Str. is the Mauersegler beer garden and the schönwetter* beach bar. Both locations provide visitors the Mauerpark with food, drinks and various cultural offerings.

Das Bild zeigt die Gastronomie im Mauerpark.
© Manuel Frauendorf

Contact & inquiries


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Mauerpark expansion:
Park management, Mauerpark extension
+49 30 700 906 710


We are happy to answer your questions and provide information regarding events, photo and film shoots, and inquiries about other uses in the Mauerpark extension.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the existing park to the Pankow district office: +49 30 902950/E-Mail: poststelle@ba-pankow.berlin.de

Please note:

  • Cars and trucks are not allowed in the park! (§ 6 Grünanlagengesetz Berlin).
  • Interventions in the ground are not allowed because of the sprinkler system.
  • Technical setups are only permitted in exceptional cases and only in consultation with the park management.

Film and photo shoots:

Any form of publication requires permission from Grün Berlin GmbH.

Commercial recordings:

For commercial recordings in the Mauerpark, a subject agreement must be concluded with Grün Berlin GmbH. Please use the request form for film and photo shoots for your request. The information you provide will be the basis for the decision by the park management, which will decide whether to issue a permit and the terms and conditions.


Permission is also required for reporting. Please send details of the period, scope, location and project to Grün Berlin GmbH.

Private recordings:

No permission is required for private recordings.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Das Bild zeigt ein Kind auf dem Spielplatz des Mauerparks.
© Andy Rumball