Berliner Wall Trail (Mauerweg)


Travelling along this 160-kilometre route through Berlin and Brandenburg you will encounter the authentic history of Germany’s division in original settings and much more.

Along a 160-kilometre route of the Berlin Wall Trail (Berliner Mauerweg), 45 km around Berlin and right through the city as well as 115 km into neighbouring Brandenburg, you can authentically experience the history of Germany’s division in the places where it originally took place and much more. This cycling and walking path follows the historic course of the Berlin Wall along tracks built by the GDR border guards for their patrols and historic toll paths in what was West-Berlin. It passes the Mauerpark, Berlin Wall Memorial and a wide range of other sights in and around Berlin.

As well as outstanding sections in Berlin’s inner city, passing the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, the Trail features scenic sections through agricultural landscapes near Potsdam and along the River Havel. The Berlin Wall Trail is equally popular with locals and tourists as a unique opportunity to experience history and pursue leisure activities. The entire route is comprehensively signposted. Over 100 maps and aerial photographs provide orientation and 40 “Berlin Wall History Mile” information stations offer information in several languages and photos of the divided Germany, the Berlin Wall and events that occurred at each station.

The Berlin Wall Trail project was implemented in 2001 based on a decision by the Berlin House of Representatives and the main path construction and maintenance measures were carried out from 2002 to 2006. In 2009 and 2011 the information system was expanded with the installation of stelae commemorating victims of the Berlin Wall, which were erected where possible at authentic sites where people crossed the Wall or were killed trying to cross. 50 stelae have been erected so far, 19 special place and 31 commemorative stelae.

Grün Berlin GmbH was responsible for the project development and construction of the Berlin Wall Trail and is still responsible for servicing and maintaining the entire system of signs, including the commemorative and information stelae. Grün Berlin GmbH also oversees maintenance along an approximately 6 km section of the trail.

Project data

Zuständigkeit Grün Berlin:
Project development Grün Berlin Foundation
Project and construction management Grün Berlin Foundation
Bauherr: Grün Berlin Stiftung for the Land Berlin
Entwurf/Planung: South-western section - Ökologie + Planung, Berlin / Northern section - Wallmann, Berlin / Mitte section - KommunalData, Berlin / South-eastern section – bgmr Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin / Signs: GIP Ingenieure, Berlin
Lage: former border around West Berlin
Größe: 160 kilometres – 45 km around and right through Berlin as well as 115 km through neighbouring Brandenburg
Finanzierung: Construction: 90% from the Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women’s Issues from the “Improving regional business structures” common task programme and 10% from the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, Maintenance: Land Berlin, Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
Bauzeiten: Beginning in 2002 – 2006 / supplementary measures 2008 – 2015
This special route for cycling and hiking runs along the historical course of the Berlin Wall.