Britzer Garten: Projects of Mordernization and Construction


Since the Bundesgartenschau (German National Horticultural Show) was held here in 1985, the 90-hectare Britzer Garten has offered visitors impressive examples of garden and landscape design. The park is being further developed with modernisation measures and new building projects.

Since the Bundesgartenschau national horticultural show was held here in 1985, the 90-hectare Britzer Garten has been offering visitors impressive garden and landscaping artistry, a comprehensive programme of events and a wide range of opportunities for children to play and to learn. In 2002 it was voted one of Germany’s ten most beautiful gardens. Thirty years after its opening, Grün Berlin GmbH has carried out various development measures to keep this favourite family garden destination up to date and develop it further.

This catalogue of measures includes 19 individual projects built from 2011 up to and including 2018 to increase visitors’ comfort and help to greatly reduce operating costs in the medium to long term. Renovation of the Orangerie and Café am See to make them more energy efficient, modernising of the electronic ticketing and entrance system, and introduction of automatic entrance checks were all completed in 2015. A technical system for switching the Britzer Garten’s water supply to rainwater was also created and has gone into service.

Work on extending the park and renovating its administration and utility yard buildings to make them more energy efficient is planned to begin in 2016. The building which houses sanitary facilities on the Festplatz square will also be refurbished.

One important project in this package of measures is the building of a new environmental education centre. Work on a new, 300 m² building on the Freilandlabor Britz (Britz open air laboratory) site will start in 2016. It will offer people of all ages opportunities for action, educational programmes and exhibitions involving nature and environmental issues and be an important place of learning and experience, especially for kindergarten and school groups. The project is being financed with funding from the Special Infrastructure Fund for the Growing City (Sondervermögen Infrastruktur der Wachsenden Stadt - SIWA).

Project data

Zuständigkeit Grün Berlin:
Project development Grün Berlin Foundation
Project and construction management Grün Berlin Foundation
Bauherr: Grün Berlin GmbH for the Land Berlin
Entwurf/Planung: Environmental education centre: Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH, Schwarzach, Austria
Lage: Various areas of the Britzer Garten
Größe: 19 individual measures over a 90-hectare site
Finanzierung: Land Berlin and EFRE funding from the UEP II. Environmental education centre: funding from the Land Berlin and Special Infrastructure Fund for the Growing City (“Sondervermögen der wachsenden Stadt – SIWA”) programme
Bauzeiten: 2011 – 2018
Impressive Garden and Landscape Art developed for the Bundesgartenschau 1985