Green corridor along the old Dresdner Bahn railway track

Green space

In 2015 it became possible to continuously walk, cycle or skate along this green corridor that follows the Dresdner Bahnrail route – also accessible for people with disabilities – all the way from the Schöneberg Südgelände Nature Park to the government quarter in Mitte.

Work has been continuing on a green space along the Dresdner Bahn as the last section of the Schöneberger Schleife (Schöneberg loop) pathway, based on plans by TDB Landschaftsarchitektur (Berlin) since 2012. This green corridor is the southern section of the Nord-Süd-Grünzug (north-south green corridor). Since 2015 it has been possible to walk, cycle or skate along this barrier-free green route from the Natur-Park Südgelände in Schöneberg to the government district in Mitte. It also links the Südkreuz railway hub with Monumentenplatz and Flaschenhals Park. The new 4.6-hectare green space along the historic Dresdner Bahn rail route will close the gap in the Schöneberger Schleife between Yorckstrasse S-Bahn station and Südkreuz railway station.

Playgrounds and meadows interspersed along the four-metre-wide path invite passers-by to lie down and linger. Residents from surrounding areas can access the path down ramps and stairs. The green corridor along the Dresdner Bahn extends along the track bed of the number two S-Bahn line, so it offers beautiful views of the urban landscape. In a north-southerly direction, the view, disrupted only by bridges, extends along the tracks to Südkreuz railway station. In an east-westerly direction it is enclosed by densely planted slopes, behind which the city looms large.

Work began on developing an overall concept for a linear green space along the western side of the Dresdner Bahn in 2009. By 2013 the first two sections from Großgörschenstrasse along Bautzener Strasse to Monumenten bridge and from Alfred-Lion-Steg to Südkreuz railway station were completed. The last section of the Berlin-Leipzig cycle path in the southern section of the Nord-Süd-Grünzug between Südkreuz and Großgörschenstrasse was scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2015. This section includes the planned pedestrian path link with the national Berlin-Leipzig bicycle route, which from Potsdamer Platz runs through the Park am Gleisdreieck and Flaschenhals Park to the Monumenten bridge before joining the green space along the Dresdner Bahn. The cycle path then runs along the Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände through Berlin’s green outskirts and into Brandenburg.

After completion Grün Berlin GmbH will be responsible for servicing and maintaining this space on behalf of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district authority.

Project data

Zuständigkeit Grün Berlin:
Project development Grün Berlin Foundation
Project and construction management Grün Berlin Foundation
Park and operations management Grün Berlin GmbH
Bauherr: Grün Berlin Stiftung/Grün Berlin GmbH for the Land Berlin and Tempelhof-Schöneberg district authority
Entwurf/Planung: TDB Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin
Lage: Tempelhof-Schöneberg, between Yorckstrasse S-Bahn station and Südkreuz railway station
Größe: approximately 4.6 hectares
Finanzierung: Funding from the Federal and State (Länder) government “Stadtumbau West” programme and the “Improving regional business structures” common task programme
Bauzeiten: 2012-2016
Eröffnung: The last section between Südkreuz und Großgörschenstrasse opened in November 2015
The green corridor along the old Dresdner Bahn railway track