Information system for tourists


Signs showing tourists the way have been erected all over Berlin since 2004. It’s a dynamic city and constantly changing so regular updates are necessary.

Signs showing tourists the way have been all over Berlin since 2004. With their white lettering on a sapphire-blue background they show the way to the capital’s many sights. Starting out from railway stations and other public transport stations, pedestrians are shown the way to Berlin’s tourist sights and can determine how far away they are, down to the last metre. Grün Berlin was responsible for installing the system of signs and is also in charge of maintaining and updating them. Documentation showing all the sights and locations is available on the Internet under “Touristisches Informationssystem Berlin” (Tourist information system Berlin).

The system’s design is based on the tradition of Berlin street name signs. To avoid creating a “forest of signs”, they have been attached to existing poles where possible. They show the most attractive way to a sight, starting from the nearest stop or station. The guidance system helps tourists orient themselves and those who know Berlin well will also discover new sights in their city.

This dynamic city is constantly changing so signs showing the way to tourist attractions have to be regularly reviewed and updated. Grün Berlin has additions and improvements carried out every year.

In 2015 the first step was taken towards enhancing the existing system with ‘Info Stelae’. Grün Berlin commissioned a comparative study of successful pedestrian information systems in 10 cities in Germany and other countries. The study was completed and entered an technical and political reconcilation process.

Since 2008 Grün Berlin has been responsible for servicing and maintaining the tourist information system.


Project data

Zuständigkeit Grün Berlin:
Project development Grün Berlin Foundation
Park and operations management Grün Berlin GmbH
Bauherr: Grün Berlin for the Land Berlin
Entwurf/Planung: HOFFMANN-LEICHTER Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and BTE Tourismus- und Regionalberatung Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB
Finanzierung: First installation: Land Berlin, Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women’s Issues and the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment. Servicing and maintenance: Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment. Info Stelae project: Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment. Info Stelae installation: Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research
Bauzeiten: First installation: 2004 – 2006, Info Stelae project: from 2015
Eröffnung: 2004
Direction sign system for the city sights