Landschaftspark Gatow


As compensation for housing construction in Gatow an extensive landscape will be developed.

To compensate for housing construction on the western section of the runways of the former Gatow airfield in the Berlin district of Spandau, the development of an extensive landscape is being planned for the area between the ‘Landstadt Gatow’ housing estate, Gatower Heide, Potsdamer Chaussee and the adjoining Luftwaffenmuseum (Air Force Museum).

The Kiefer CS firm from Berlin won first prize in the open landscape planning competition launched by the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the Institute for Federal Real Estate and Spandau district authority in 2011. Intensive ecological monitoring was integrated into the subsequent planning process to ensure species protection and the plans were modified several times and redrafted to protect various species. The process of coordinating the modified preliminary design is not yet concluded.

Since 2016 responsibility for implementing the project has been entrusted to the Grün Berlin Stiftung, which will function as the client for the development and construction of the Landschaftspark Gatow in Berlin-Spandau.

Development of an extensive landscape in Gatow