The primary project: North-south green corridor


From 2016 a new north-south green corridor will make it possible to walk, cycle or skate along a green corridor stretching from the Südgelände Nature Park through the Park am Gleisdreieck all the way to the Tiergarten.

From 2016 it will be possible to walk, cycle or skate along a continuous barrier-free green corridor from the Natur-Park Südgelände through the Park am Gleisdreieck and on to Tiergarten, thanks to the Nord-Süd-Grünzug (north-south green corridor). This green bike and pedestrian “bypass” links various inner-city open spaces and is also part of a national network, the Berlin-Leipzig cycle route. The north-south green corridor approximately follows Berlin’s main north-south rail line and is mainly on or next to old or still intact railway tracks.

Since 2009 Grün Berlin has been working together with the Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district authorities and Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment on various projects to link parks and green spaces, in particular the Natur-Park Südgelände, Hans-Baluschek-Park, the green space along Dresdner Bahn, Monumentenplatz, Flaschenhals Park and Park am Gleisdreieck.

Along the new, wide route are various green spaces where wild nature flourishes as well as a wide range of sites offering opportunities for playing or sports. Many sets of stairs and ramps at various points offer barrier-free access to these spaces and link the green space with the city. At the end of 2015 the Nord-Süd-Grünzug was completed when the section of the Berlin-Leipzig long-distance cycle route between Monumenten bridge in the north and Alfred-Lion-Steig in the south was finished, providing a contiguous link between them.

A decentralised project, the Nord-Süd-Grünzug will be presented with the Flaschenhals Park and Park am Gleisdreieck for the International Garden Exhibition (Internationale Gartenausstellung - IGA) 2017. Grün Berlin GmbH has been responsible for the care and maintenance of the entire green space since 2014.   


The green corridor from Nature-Park Südgelände to Park am Gleisdreieck and to Tiergarten