Soviet war memorial in Treptow


The main element of Berlin’s largest Soviet war memorial is a mausoleum with a 11.6-metre high bronze statue of a Soviet soldier carrying a German child he has saved.

There are three large Soviet war memorials in Berlin: in Tiergarten, Treptower Park and in the Volkspark Schönholzer Heide. They were built shortly after the end of the Second World War to commemorate fallen Red Army soldiers. Around 22,000 soldiers killed in and around Berlin lie buried in the memorials. These memorial complexes are important historic and commemorative sites, not least because of their monumental style.

The three large Soviet war memorials are a special responsibility for Grün Berlin GmbH, which is charged with maintaining and ensuring the quality development of these ensembles, consisting of built structures and green spaces, with the proper care. This also includes efficiently maintaining outdoor installations and coordinating and monitoring the renovation of structures.

Grün Berlin GmbH has been responsible for the Soviet war memorial in Treptower Park on behalf of the Berlin Senate Chancellery since 1995. Berlin’s largest Soviet war memorial, ten hectares in size, was built from 1946 to 1949 based on a design by a Soviet design collective led by architect Jakov S. Belopolski, sculptor Yevgeny W. Wutschetitsch, painter Alexander A. Gorpenko and engineer Sarra S. Walerius. Liberation from Nazism was the explicit focus of their artistic design for the memorial.

The memorial’s main element is its mausoleum with a 70-tonne, 11.6-metre-high bronze statue of a Soviet soldier carrying a German child he has saved on his arm. At his feet lies a shattered swastika. His gaze is trained on the other end of the memorial and the "Motherland" sculpture. Weeping silver birch trees flank a promenade between two huge stylised red granite flags leading from there to a grove of honour. The graves of more than 7,000 fallen Soviet soldiers are here at the memorial site.


Project data

Zuständigkeit Grün Berlin:
Park and operations management Grün Berlin GmbH
Lage: Berlin Treptow-Köpenick, Treptower Park, between Puschkinallee and Am Treptower Park
Größe: 8.6 hectares
Finanzierung: €69,000 of Federal funding, €194,000 of Land (state) funding
The biggest soviet war memorial in Treptower Park