The new Spreepark – art, culture and nature combined

Once a famous amusement park, the 24-hectare Spreepark has become overgrown by nature. Only a few relics of the old rides remain to hint at its past. Although it has been closed for years, its location – close to the city centre, right on the river Spree and in the middle of the Plänterwald – and its history mean it is still close to people’s hearts. State-owned Grün Berlin GmbH has been working on new ways to use and run the Spreepark since 2016. The central aim is to carefully unite art, culture and nature. The new Spreepark will combine the colourful past of the amusement park with contemporary artforms and media in a unique way. The framework plan, which was presented to the public in mid-2018, shows the ways that this special and historic place can be developed further in future. Which components of the plan can be realized is the subject of further technical, economic and planning law considerations, which will be pursued in the coming years.

A park develops in dialogue with the citizens

At the beginning of project development, an intensive public participation process was launched in the summer of 2016. To accompany the framework planning, four major public dialogue events and two planning workshops took place by May 2018.

In February 2019, the second phase of the participation started with the aim of deepening and substantiating the framework planning in individual areas. For this purpose, several theme workshops are planned this year, as well as a large information event in autumn. By the end of the year, the results of the further public participation should be included in the future planning in the form of concrete pointers.

In guided tours through the park

Today safety still stands in the foreground: Ferris wheel, roller coaster and the old buildings are partly not secured or collapse threatened. In guided tours the Spreepark can already be visited. Tens of thousands of visitors have been able to explore the area in recent years.

+++ Please note that due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus it is not sure when guided tours through Spreepark will start again! +++