State-owned Grün Berlin GmbH has been working on new ways to use and run the Spreepark since 2016. The central aim is to carefully unite art, culture and nature. The new Spreepark will combine the colourful past of the amusement park with contemporary artforms and media in a unique way. This will create a protected area where art can unfold without economic pressure or fear of displacement.

The framework plan – the first step on the way to a new park

Over the course of almost two years, an interdisciplinary team of designers developed a plan to pave the way for final project planning for the Spreepark. The public was invited to participate in the planning from the outset, and submitted over 1,000 suggestions. A series of discussion events and planning workshops turned these into specific tasks before they were passed on to the team. This integrated plan allows the park to be reimagined from both an artistic and functional perspective, while also protecting the natural surroundings. The historical relics of the former amusement park will largely be retained and re-used. The 45-metre-high Ferris wheel in particular, a symbol of the Spreepark, will be brought back to life. The adjoining “Eierhäuschen” will be given a brand-new look, complete with restaurant, exhibition spaces and artists in residence. Visual links in the park and a pier at the Eierhäuschen could underline the special waterfront location on the River Spree in new ways in future.

The plan shows the ways that this special and historic place can be developed further in future. It will be set out in more detail in close collaboration between Grün Berlin, the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection and the district of Treptow-Köpenick. Both the public and groups that will use the park in future will continue to be involved.

The planning team

Latz + Partner, LandschaftsArchitekten Stadtplaner (landscape architects, urban planners)

Riehl Bauermann Landschaftsarchitekten (landscape architects)

LOMA architecture landscape urbanism (architects)

Bollinger + Grohmann (engineering)

Projekt M GmbH (tourism consultants)

Prof. Florian Matzner (art and culture management)

Chezweitz (scenography)

Current status

Since 2016, Grün Berlin has already promoted numerous measures for the development and management of the site. In addition to the planning work, the park has already been cleared and made so far that visitors can get an insight in the context of public tours and find out about the current state of planning. For this purpose, a new entrance area was created with an information pavilion and sanitary facilities.