On the 34-hectare site of what was once Berlin’s largest school garden, the Botanical Volkspark of Blankenfelde-Pankow offers visitors spectacular early 20th century heritage listed architectural and garden artistry surrounded by valuable natural forests and meadows.

Visitors to the Botanical Volkspark of Blankenfelde-Pankow will find a diverse range of plants, including many endangered varieties. Over the years, thousands of plants, shrubs and trees, many of them rare, have been collected in the park and consolidated in the Southeastern European Forest and Small Arboretum. The greenhouses, Geology Wall, Arboretum and Farm Garden (Bauerngarten) are particularly worth seeing.

As Berlin’s gateway to the Naturpark Barnim’s open landscape, the park’s topography continues the gently undulating cultivated landscape of the Barnim Plateau with its many small streams. Over its 100-year history the Botanical Park has become a popular educational and recreational park, a place where everyone can experience gardening. Magnificent fallow deer can be observed up close in the wildlife reserve and there is a small café in one of the greenhouses.

Dates & Facts

Size 34 hectares
Planning Albert Brodersen
Opened 1909
Special features  A listed historic garden and part of the "Blankenfelde" landscape conservation area


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