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Since 2011, the projects at Tempelhofer Feld have complemented the recreational offerings in a variety of ways from a cultural and social perspective. This has come about in a special way through the commitment of citizens as well as initiatives and organisations.

In public tenders, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH and Grün Berlin GmbH, together with the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, have been looking for projects that promote the development of Tempelhofer Feld, create attractive leisure and recreational opportunities or implement new entrepreneurial, social and cultural ideas.

Submit project idea for Tempelhofer Feld

Would you like to volunteer for the common good and do you have an idea that promises added value to Tempelhofer Feld, its users – and of course to you? Then apply to us with your project idea!

What can be submitted?

  •  As a project of civic engagement, the project goals should be welfare-increasing and public welfare-oriented, or not aimed at material gain.
  • The commitment of those active in the project work is primarily on a voluntary basis (e.g. honorary office).
  • Civic engagement projects are characterised by a high degree of transparency, dialogue, participation and responsibility in the organisational forms ("living democracy").
  • With their offerings, they promote commitment to the general public and strengthen civil society in assuming social responsibility.

For commercial offers subject to a fee in accordance with the EPP, please contact service@gruen-berlin.de.



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