Our mission

As a municipal service provider, we create green infrastructures and inhabitable public spaces for Berlin.

A sustainable, inhabitable city that is always on the move is our goal. A culture of good building is our way of achieving this. Good for the common good and public services on the one hand, to which we are committed as a public company. It is also good in terms of bringing together all the necessary interdisciplinary expertise and working in partnership with the people of Berlin and our service providers. And good also in the clear, timely and efficient implementation of construction measures. 

As an efficient service provider and partner for Berlin, our expertise has been in the development, construction and operation of green infrastructure and inhabitable public spaces for 25 years. We work for and with citizens on sustainable urban development. As a municipal company, we implement the political guidelines of Berlin and are accompanied by corresponding public supervisory bodies. The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection is the agency in this area.
We are subject to the control and supervision of the senate, the Abgeordnetenhaus (house of representatives) and the Bezirke (districts).

Management & divisions

Experience and expertise working for Berlin's future: Learn more about the people at Grün Berlin and their areas of responsibility.


Grün Berlin is a modern municipal service provider that has pooled competencies and key activities for sustainable urban development in various companies.


Sustainability, quality of life, climate protection: Do you have ideas that move Berlin forward? Join our interdisciplinary team and shape Berlin's green future.
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Partnerships & collaborations

Together, more is possible: Find out which companies, institutions and initiatives we work with in partnership and collaboration.

The Grün Berlin Group in figures

hectares of open space
actively managed parks
years of experience


Year Award Project
2018 Green Flag Award, winner Gärten der Welt
2018 Reisen für alle (Barrierefreiheit) Gärten der Welt
2017 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis Botanischer Volkspark Pankow
2015 Zertifikat für Exzellenz von tripadvisor Gärten der Welt
2015 Signet „Reisen für Alle“ in der Kategorie Gärten und Parks Gärten der Welt
2015 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis Park am Gleisdreieck
2014 Green Flag Award, winner Gärten der Welt
2014 Sonderpreis Deutscher Städtebau Park am Gleisdreieck
2013 Architekturpreis Berlin Park am Gleisdreieck
2013 Deutscher Design Award, winner Gärten der Welt
2013 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekturpreis für Christlicher Garten Gärten der Welt
2012 Green Flag Award, winner Gärten der Welt
2012 2. schönste Parkanlage in Berlin und Brandenburg; RBB Gärten der Welt
2012 Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize, Finalist Gärten der Welt
2012 European Design Award, Bronze, Sparte Typografie - der Christliche Garten Gärten der Welt
2012 Daylight Spaces, besondere Anerkennung der Jury Gärten der Welt
2012 Deutscher Designer Club, Gute Gestaltung 12 Award, Gold - der Christliche Garten Gärten der Welt
2012 geplant + ausgeführt, Finalist Gärten der Welt
2012 Nachhaltigkeitspreis der Deutschen Bundesgartenschau Gesellschaft Britzer Garten
2011 red dot award, best oft he best, Sparte Typografie Gärten der Welt
2011 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis Park auf dem Nordbahnhof
2010 Green Flag Award, winner Gärten der Welt
2009 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis ULAP-Park
2009 Gustav-Meyer-Preis des Landes Berlin Grünzug Bullengraben
2007 Deutschland Land der Ideen, Ausgewählter Ort 2007 Gärten der Welt
2005 Deutschlands schönster Park – Der Chinesische Garten, 3. Platz Gärten der Welt
2002 Einer der zehn schönsten Gärten in Deutschland Britzer Garten
2001 Deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur-Preis Lustgarten
2000 weltweites Projekt der EXPO 2000 Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände