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Innovative Mobility

One of the most important prerequisites for an inhabitable, sustainable city is an innovative infrastructure that makes it easy for all Berliners to make everyday journeys sustainably. In addition to a well-developed network of public transportation, this requires new mobility concepts that focus on climate-friendly locomotion in shared urban space. A sustainable and functional mix of public transport and bicycle-friendly infrastructure must be designed so attractively that motorised private transport is no longer the better option.

In more than 50 individual projects, we coordinate, accelerate and realise the implementation of bicycle infrastructure in Berlin. With our subsidiary GB infraVelo GmbH, we are thus putting the Berlin Mobility Act into practice for and with the senate and the districts. 


Photo of a green marked bike lane separated with bollards in Berlin
© Konstantin Börner


Modern urban development needs an infrastructure that enables sustainable mobility. In climate-friendly urban redevelopment, the municipal GB infraVelo GmbH has taken on extensive tasks in the implementation of infrastructural measures of the state of Berlin since 2017.
The photo shows the renovated Yorck bridges that cross Yorckstraße in Berlin.
© Thomas Rosenthal

Renovation of the Yorckbrücken

With the renovation of the Yorckbrücken bridges, which are protected as historic monuments and have a significant impact on the cityscape, four bridges have been available for pedestrians and cyclists for the first time since July 2020, providing a new barrier-free connection across Yorckstraße between the Park am Gleisdreieck and the Flaschenhalspark.