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Innovative Mobility & Safe Traffic

One of the most important prerequisites for a liveable, sustainable city is an innovative infrastructure that makes it easy for all Berliners to make their daily journeys safely and sustainably. In addition to a well-developed public transport network, this requires new mobility and transport concepts that focus on climate-friendly mobility in shared urban space. A sustainable and functional mix of public transport, innovative means of transport such as our cable car in Marzahn-Hellersdorf and bicycle-friendly infrastructure must be designed so attractively that motorised individual transport is no longer the better option. In order to strengthen the environmental alliance in Berlin, we also need innovative concepts for the pacemakers of the modern transport network: the more than 2,100 traffic lights in the capital.

In over 50 individual projects, we coordinate, accelerate and realise the implementation of bicycle infrastructures in Berlin with our subsidiary GB infraVelo GmbH. Since 2023, the new company GB infraSignal GmbH has taken over the management of traffic lights throughout the city. For and with the senate and districts, we are thus putting the mobility turnaround into practice.


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Modern urban development needs an infrastructure that enables sustainable mobility. In climate-friendly urban redevelopment, the municipal GB infraVelo GmbH has taken on extensive tasks in the implementation of infrastructural measures of the state of Berlin since 2017.
Eine grüne Verkehrsampel in Berlin
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Direct control, fewer interfaces, faster implementation: The remunicipalisation of the construction and operation of traffic signals by GB infraSignal GmbH is intended to accelerate Berlin's mobility transition.
Ein Wegweiser zeigt den Berliner Mauerweg an
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Berliner Mauerweg

By upgrading the Berlin Wall Trail, Berliners and visitors to the city will be able to explore the history of the Berlin Wall even better on foot or by bike. The project serves the long-term preservation of the historic path as a memorial trail.