As a state-owned partner of the Senate and districts, we take responsibility for the implementation of outstanding infrastructure projects that contribute to a better connected and more climate-friendly city. The complexity of the projects requires an interdisciplinary, cross-administrative and cross-district management that does justice to the multidimensionality of modern urban development.

We are accelerating sustainable urban development with new cycle lanes and routes, bicycle parking spaces and garages, the professional restoration of listed historic links such as the Yorck bridges, the transformation of congested transport hubs such as Platz der Luftbrücke into liveable neighbourhoods, the management of analogue and increasingly smart traffic lights, and many other projects.

With our efforts for an infrastructure that innovatively drives the mobility turnaround, improves the quality of urban space and takes effective action against climate change, Berlin will remain a liveable city in the future.

Ein Wegweiser zeigt den Berliner Mauerweg an
© Grün berlin
Berlin Wall Trail
North-south greenbelt
Havel cycle path
© Andy Rumball
Renovation of the Yorckbrücken