Our topics

A sustainable metropolis for all

The increasing densification of metropolises like Berlin and the advancing climate change require new approaches to urban development and a new way of dealing with public spaces. With the "Charta für das Berliner Stadtgrün", the senate has adopted a voluntary commitment with the overarching goal of making green infrastructure a priority issue in the growing city. In the task of meeting the demands of Berliners and the existentially important obligation to protect the climate, we are an innovative and efficient partner and service provider for politics and administration.

As a municipal company, we develop, build and operate urban open spaces that – accessible to all Berliners and guests of the city – serve the common good, offer social meeting places and promise a future because they are designed to conserve resources and adapt to the climate. We develop modern mobility solutions and create a green infrastructure that makes a contemporary understanding of public services and new ideas of an engaged urban society a reality in Berlin.

Ein junger Mann hievt sich als Kraftübung an einer Stange im Park am Gleisdreieck hoch
© Konstantin Börner

Inhabitable public spaces

By developing and building inhabitable public spaces, we are working for a Berlin that is designed according to the needs of its inhabitants and lives up to our shared responsibility for climate protection and sustainability.
Blumen blühen im Park am Gleisdreieck vor der Stahlbrücke der U-Bahnlinie 1
© Konstantin Börner

Sustainable city

We create places and infrastructures with ecological and social functions that protect the climate through innovative solutions and allow sustainable urban development and diverse urban nature to be experienced.
Foto von einer grün markierten und mit Pollern abgetrennten Fahrradspur in Berlin
© Konstantin Börner

Innovative mobility

We develop public green infrastructures that pave new, barrier-free, safe and sustainably usable paths through the city in a bicycle-friendly way.