Public buildings

A walk through Berlin is always a walk through the centuries, the traces of this city's history are still omnipresent today. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we build, modernise, maintain and preserve a large number of historically, politically and culturally significant public buildings in the capital. As a reliable partner of Berlin, we take on tasks of monument and cultural asset preservation in a historically conscious and conscientious manner. We develop and operate places of remembrance such as the Berlin Wall Trail and create new, architecturally significant public buildings, such as the extension of the Berlin Wall Memorial with its open-air exhibition, special event venues with studio uses such as the 4,000 sqm Lokhalle in Schöneberg's Südgelände, the Eierhäuschen (egg house) or the Werkhalle (workshop) in the Spreepark, educational centres such as the environmental education centres in the Kienbergpark or the Britzer Garten, restaurants for outings and viewing structures such as the Wolkenhain (cloud grove) in the KIenbergpark, or visitor centres that enrich Berlin for residents and visitors with new impressions and experiences.