Our tasks

Complex and diverse. Like Berlin.

Grün Berlin is a partner for the state, the senate and the districts for sustainable urban development. The Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Protection is responsible for the technical policy. For 25 years, we have been creating infrastructures and liveable public spaces of particular relevance to urban policy for and with the people of Berlin. As a state-owned company, we translate political decisions and framework conditions into concrete projects. In doing so, we live a culture of good building. Good in the sense of the common good, so that Berlin remains liveable for all people, without exception, who are at home here and the city's guests. Good in the sense of responsible growth that contributes to an environmentally friendly, climate-friendly and resource-conserving city. But good also in the sense of inviting all Berliners to help shape their own environment through participation and commitment.

Our tasks are as multifaceted and complex as Berlin itself. From concept development to project and construction management, to administration and infrastructure management, to the active involvement of the Berlin population, or to educational work and the communication of our measures during operation. With our large, interdisciplinary network of experts, we have all the skills needed to create a sustainable, liveable city.

Whether for the realisation of urban squares, innovative transport solutions such as the cycling speed links or smart traffic lights, the Grün Berlin cable car, parks, tourist guidance systems, engineering structures and public buildings - in an open process, we bring together all relevant perspectives from the population and highly specialised fields, step by step. With one goal: We create sustainable infrastructures and open spaces for a more liveable, social Berlin that is barrier-free and open to all people while living up to its ecological responsibility as a metropolis in the 21st century.

Project development

Project development bundles all studies, needs assessments, preparatory measures, and the basics of financing to ensure reliable and efficient project implementation.

Project and construction management

Construction and realisation is complex. As an efficient service provider for Berlin and a public building owner, we develop and implement our projects in a quality-conscious and responsible manner, clearly, cost-efficiently, on schedule and with a large network of experts.

Infrastructure and property management

We operate over 800 hectares of public open spaces, more than 100 buildings and around 2,100 traffic lights for Berlin.

Communication and participation

We communicate clearly about our activities, projects and plans. In doing so, we implement the state's requirements and guidelines for participation and citizen involvement.

Education for a sustainable future

There is more to an inhabitable city than just green infrastructure: Experiencing and understanding culture and art in public spaces, having fun learning more about our environment and its protection, and being informed and educated in a contemporary way. These are additional tasks to which we dedicate ourselves with professionally competent teams.