Our tasks

Communication and participation

The development and operation of public infrastructure requires clear, consistent communication and the early involvement of citizens through participation processes – both on and offline. Today, social acceptance is just as important for large and small projects as official building permits. From project initiation to implementation and subsequent operation, communication plays an important, strategic role in communicating our projects. 
A targeted dialogue based on the Berlin Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Urban Development accompanies the development of our community-oriented projects. The aim of the participation offerings is to identify the ideas and suggestions of Berliners at an early stage, to moderate or harmonise them, and ultimately to incorporate them into planning and implementation. In the subsequent operation, we communicate just as clearly and continuously about our offers and enable the committed urban society to participate on an ongoing basis.  

Tasks and range of activities

  1. Clear and accessible communication

  2. Timely and targeted citizen participation


Projects from this field of activity

Eine Frau sieht sich Pläne des Spreeparks mit Post-its darauf an
© Frank Sperling


In the concept developed in a comprehensive participation, the history of the area comes together with the diverse wishes and ideas of the citizens for the Spreepark of the future.
Luftsicht auf den Platz der Luftbrücke vom Flughafengebäude Tempelhof aus
© Thomas Rosenthal

Platz der Luftbrücke

Platz der Luftbrücke is being redesigned for and with local residents and Berliners. Thus, from the beginning of the project development, a continuous dialog with the interested public was conducted so that ideas and suggestions could be incorporated into the planning in an iterative process.