Our projects

Public green infrastructure for Berlin

More than 100 successfully realised projects prove it: For politics and administration, we work together with the Berliners on a city that has a future. As a municipal company, we have been an efficient and innovative service provider and partner of the senate and the boroughs for 25 years. With our experience and a large, interdisciplinary network of experts, we are driving forward the development of a green infrastructure for an inhabitable, climate- and resource-friendly city. Each of our projects – from the idea to the operation – pursues the goal of changing Berlin in a sustainable and future-oriented way. With a culture of good building that allows a good life in the big city even tomorrow. We are already operating 700 hectares of urban open spaces such as parks and squares, tourist guidance systems, sustainable mobility options, memorials and much more with this philosophy in mind.



We are paving the way for sustainable urban mobility by expanding bicycle-friendly infrastructure, relieving traffic congestion at intersections, developing new routes or opening up historic connections.


In one of Europe's greenest capitals, we develop and operate some of the most beautiful parks that provide people with important open spaces for recreation, leisure, pleasure and civic engagement.

Urban open spaces

We design inhabitable urban centres that are used by thousands of people every day and meet a variety of individual and urban development needs.
Der Wolkenhain im Kienbergpark.
© Thomas Uhlemann

Public buildings

We plan, build and operate urban cultural heritage in the form of a large number of public buildings and also create new meeting places where Berliners and guests of the city come together.