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Sustainable City

Today, Berlin has about 3.7 million inhabitants, and the number is rising. Increasing urbanisation requires modern urban development that takes ecological, social and economic factors into account. This requires climate-adapted, environmentally friendly and resource-saving measures that create a sustainable infrastructure and inhabitable public spaces. 

As a reliable municipal company, Grün Berlin translates political guidelines into concrete projects for the citizens and guests of Berlin. With our experience and interdisciplinary expertise, we have been a service provider and partner of the senate and districts in sustainable urban development for 25 years.

An aerial view of the Platz der Luftbrücke.
© Thomas Rosenthal

Platz der Luftbrücke

Diverse, livable and sustainable: This is how Platz der Luftbrücke is to develop in the coming years. The redesign is in line with the "Charta für das Berliner Stadtgrün", with which Berlin has given itself a concrete framework for the development of green infrastructures. The goals of the charter include:
A detailed view of the ferris wheel in Berlin Spreepark.
© Konstantin Börner


The new Spreepark is thus developing into a new public park for all residents, Berliners and guests of the city. The goal is to transform the old rides and relics of the past, to rethink their use and to harmoniously combine them with the themes of art, culture and nature.