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Gärten der Welt - Hall of Receptions

The Hall of Receptions forms a unique architectural and artistic ensemble with the Oriental "Garden of the Four Streams". It was designed by the renowned Algerian architect Kamel Louafi and provided by craftsmen of the company Andalous Design from Morocco with high-quality decorative elements, including mosaics, arabesques, carvings of cedar wood, which show the high craftsmanship of oriental culture.

Simple from the outside, the "hall" reveals its magnificent furnishings only inside and – together with the garden courtyard – becomes a "man's paradise". The spacious interior is illuminated by a glass dome, the incident sunlight refracts on the columns and walls decorated with mosaics and creates fascinating impressions.

The hall can be rented for various events with up to 199 participants (standing reception). The total area is 324 m², the interior of 144 m² can be seated differently. More detailed information can be found in our factsheet (soon to be published) on the hall.

A separate access from the parking lot allows the use even if the park is closed.

Event technology (basic sound equipment, adjustable lighting technology, power connections) are available. Further technology and furniture can also be rented as required.

The entire Oriental ensemble is designed for the disabled. Sanitary facilities are available.

The use of the Oriental Garden and the Gärten der Welt is not included in the rental of the hall and must be agreed separately. We are also happy to advise you on a supporting programme – how about a champagne reception in the Oriental Garden, for example? We are also happy to make suggestions for catering.

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