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Environment & education

With the new environmental education centre, opened for the IGA Berlin 2017, an ideal learning location for shared experiences and real-life knowledge transfer within the framework of education for sustainable development has been created at the foot of the Kienberg. In addition to the premises in the environmental education centre, garden areas, meadows, the Wuhleteich pond and the natural experience realm are available as green learning locations. In addition, numerous nature conservation projects and a natural experience realm are part of the park concept.

Environmental education to participate, discover, try out

In addition to the extensive, age-specific educational programme for daycare centres and schools, the environmental education centre also offers a diverse programme for families, adults, after-school groups, and youth recreational facilities at weekends and during the holidays.

The environmental education programme is developed and implemented in cooperation with numerous extracurricular actors from the field of environmental education, nature and environmental associations, municipal institutions as well as initiatives and foundations.

The programme covers the following topics: Nature & the environment | Gardening & plants | World & knowledge | Nutrition & health | Art & media

A visit is doubly great: all group tickets already include admission to the Gärten der Welt. NEW: Can now also be booked with a ropeway combination ticket!

How to book the programme:

  1. Search for suitable event in the event calendar
  2. Booking requests under: Tel.: +49 30 700 906 – 572 or e-mail: ubz@gruen-berlin.de
  3. Wait for booking confirmation (max. 3 working days)

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Environmental education projects

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UBZ digital

With exciting digital educational offerings such as videos, podcasts, virtual exhibitions and much more, the team from the environmental education centre in Kienberg Park inspires and raises awareness for environmental issues among children and adults, even in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ein Foto des Jugend Foto Festivals. Das Bild zeigt einen Jungen am Meer.
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International youth photo festival

Together with partners, the Kienberg Park environmental education centre is organising the international youth photo festival "Meine (Um-)Welt im Wandel" [My (environment/)world in flux] from 1-30 June 2020.
Das Bild zeigt den Naturerfahrungsraum im Kienbergpark.
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Natural experience realm

With the natural experience realm (NER), a large "wild" open space has been created on the Kienberg for children and young people to romp and play in, which they can visit independently and use without any guidelines.
Ein Mädchen und ein Junge streicheln ein Pferd im Arche-Park des Kienbergparks
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Natural experience realms for children

The training consists of a theoretical part, which is about getting to know the concept of natural experience realms and scientific approaches. The practical part takes place in the Kienberg Park natural experience realm. Here, methods for initiating free play will be tried out and various challenges and experiences will be discussed. In addition, participants will be given a practical task through which they will be able to enjoy the natural experience realm with all their senses.
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Easy carving for children around the camp fire

This workshop will provide an introduction to the art of simple greenwood carving and reveal tips & tricks on how good technique and proper posture can minimise effort and the risk of injury. Together, we will discuss and explore ways to guide carving projects in a safe and inspiring way, especially for younger children. In the second part of the workshop, we will combine the enthusiasm for carving with the attraction of a camp fire, which is fascinating for many children, and try out how fire making and barbecuing on sticks can also be designed in a child-friendly way.
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The Kienberg garden

A place for closeness to nature, community and individuality. You are cordially invited to join in! The garden hour takes place twice a month: During a workshop, we learn about gardening topics and implement hands-on projects.


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