Park am Gleisdreieck

Development & participation

Initiatives of citizens have been working for years for the realisation of a park on the former railroad site at Gleisdreick, and so the residents have been involved in the park planning and design in an intensive dialogue process from the beginning. 


The continuous development of the park has been accompanied since the beginning of 2015 by the user advisory board, which was elected for the first time in December 2014. It continues the participation of citizens from the planning period and consists of ten representatives of citizens, residents and important stakeholders (allotment POG, Rosenduftgarten, representatives of the adjacent neighbourhoods), representatives of the administration and Grün Berlin GmbH. In the meetings of the user advisory board, current topics, the future development of the park, emerging conflicts and possible solutions are discussed and sustainable solutions are sought.

The further development of Park am Gleisdreieck involves, among other things, the additional installation of further play and sports areas, the addition of equipment and the management of the park. This concerns, for example, the maintenance and further development of the tree and shrub plantings, the large lawn and meadow areas, and the ecologically significant areas. The corresponding maintenance measures have been defined in a maintenance and action plan developed specifically for Park am Gleisdreieck. The management of the park also includes the operation and further development of the pilot projects integrated into the park, such as the "Gärten im Garten" with the allotment POG, the intercultural "Rosendurfgarten" and the beach volleyball facility located in the Westpark. In addition, there are the maintenance measures to repair the damage caused by intensive park use – unfortunately also by vandalism and graffiti – but also the maintenance, supplementation and retrofitting of the technical facilities.