Park am Gleisdreieck

Leisure, sport & games

Yoga on the lawn in the morning, then table tennis or boules under shady trees. In between, take a break at the kiosk while the kids let off steam on the playgrounds. Park am Gleisdreieck offers numerous opportunities for young and old to let off steam.

Ein Mann macht Klimmzüge.
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Sports and leisure activities are possible in many ways in the park such as: cycling, skating, jogging, Nordic walking, table tennis, boules, beach volleyball, motor skills sports activities, trampolining, basketball, football, equipment fitness or yoga
Beachvolleyballfelder am Park am Gleisdreieck.
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Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball games in the summer season on lighted courts and beach bar. In summer, beach volleyball courses are offered for different skill levels. A "fun tournament" is held every Saturday morning. Showers and changing rooms are sufficiently available. The beach volleyball facility is operated by Beach61.
Eine Mann an den Sportgeräten im Gleisdreieck Park, im Hintergrund radeln zwei Personen.
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Sport in the park

Sports for everyone, free and outside, every Thursday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. with the trainers Annette Clavin and Maria Saraceno from the association The meeting place is in front of the "Tor eins" café.
Eine Frau beim Tischtennis spielen.
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Intergenerational offers

Cross-generational offerings are available throughout the park, such as exercise equipment, table tennis and swings, and boules in the Ostpark, to name a few. The natural experience realm in the Ostpark, which was created as part of citizen participation, offers children the experience with nearly untouched nature, plants, animals, soil and water. Another smaller nature space is located in the Westpark above the market square.
Der Spielplatz im Gleisdreieck Park.
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There are playgrounds for different ages throughout the park: two playgrounds along Möckernstrasse, north of the Hornstrasse entrance primarily for younger children, and the Stangenwald forest to the south, which is also suitable for older children. In the Westpark, there is a play area for toddlers between the Lützowstrasse and Pohlstrasse entrances and the children's playground at the Kurfürstenstrasse entrance with numerous climbing and activity areas for 2- to 10-year-old children. To the south, there is also a natural play area.

The children's playground on Monumentenplatz with its play elements is reminiscent of the former railroad use. Generous seating and plantings frame the square.