Celebrate in style with a view into the "mirror of heaven"

Gärten der Welt - Rental "Stone Boat" in the Chinese Garden

The Chinese "Garden of the Waxing Moon” fascinates above all by the authenticity of its buildings, such as the so-called "stone boat", a building that protrudes into the lake like a ship turned into stone. The model for the "stone boat" called "View of the Moon" is the marble ship Shi Fang, which can be admired in the Summer Palace of Beijing. When dusk falls and peace and quiet returns to the Chinese Garden,.B you can immerse yourself in the world of China during a traditional Chinese evening in a stone boat.

The furnishings of the building include an 80 m2 main room, an open gallery and a kitchenette. The spacious terrace offers a magnificent view of the Chinese Garden and the "Mirror of Heaven", a 4,500 sqm lake surrounded by richly planted hilly landscapes, distinct bridges, various buildings and squares.

Which events are conceivable here and which program items could complement the event? We are happy to make plans together with you to make your event a complete success! You can find more information about the stone boat in our factsheet (soon to be published).

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