Our tasks

Education for a sustainable future

As a public service provider and partner of the city, Grün Berlin not only develops green infrastructures, but we also enrich the everyday life of Berliners through a variety of cultural, artistic, and educational offerings in the properties and parks for which we are responsible. Our mission also includes imparting knowledge about art and culture and, in particular, the environment and nature.

In our architecturally remarkable environmental education centres and the open nature experience rooms, we create awareness for the environment and climate, for biodiversity and environmental protection with experienced teachers. For us, environmental education is not just grey theory in closed rooms, but an experience close to nature and life – conveyed with a lot of fun in gardens, on meadows, in and around water. 

But our public parks offer much more than that: With regular cultural events, from pop and rock concerts to theatre productions, we bring cultural highlights to the most beautiful green spaces in the capital for Berliners and guests of the city, creating special experiences in everyday life.
We also promote the creative use of public open spaces and give artists and their works a stage. Outside of museums or studios, we allow art to become a natural design element in our parks, giving visitors surprising access to art in space. 

Tasks and range of activities

  1. Environmental education

  2. Organising cultural events

  3. Curating art in public space

Projects from this field of activity

Ein Mädchen und ein Junge streicheln ein Pferd im Arche-Park des Kienbergparks
© Konstantin Börner

Environmental Education at Kienbergpark

With the Environmental Education Center opened for the IGA Berlin 2017, Kienbergpark offers environmental education to participate in, experience and try out. In addition, numerous nature conservation projects and a nature experience room are part of the park concept.
Eine junge Frau führt mit Kindern und Jugendlichen einen Kunst-Workshop im Spreepark durch
© Frank Sperling

Labor Spreepark

With the new Spreepark, the capital is regaining a place in whose transformation, design and future all Berliners can participate. In the Spreepark laboratory, concepts are tested and art and educational workshops are held.