Das Besucherzentrum der Gärten der Welt vom Blumberger Damm aus gesehen
© Thomas Uhlemann

Public buildings

Gärten der Welt Visitor Center

Directly at the main entrance of the Gärten der Welt is the modern and flexible visitor and conference center, which was built as part of the IGA Berlin 2017.

In addition to essential service infrastructures such as ticket office areas and an information and exhibition room, the building also contains a catering area, a souvenir store and an event hall.

The visitor center was designed and created by the Luxembourg architectural firm ww+ (Esch-sur-Alzette). It is architecturally convincing due to its harmonious integration into the outdoor area. In cooperation with the German Roof Gardeners Association DDV, a "biodiversity green roof" was created, which creates a species-rich and ecologically diverse habitat. Large-scale glazing creates a bright, friendly atmosphere and opens up the building to the expansive natural space. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, the premises thus offer the possibility of organizing meetings and conferences in an optimal working atmosphere and with a view of the greenery. An open courtyard serves as a meeting place for visitors.


More public buildings

Der Wolkenhain im Kienbergpark.
© Thomas Uhlemann
Das Umweltbildungszentrum im Kienbergpark mit seiner Holzfassade
© Konstantin Börner
Environmental Education Center Kienbergpark
Außenansicht des Umweltbildungszentrums im Britzer Garten mit seinen quer verstellten Holzstreben als Umschalung
© Dominik Butzmann
Environmental Education Center Britzer Garten