Der Wolkenhain im Kienbergpark.
© Thomas Uhlemann

Public Buildings


The Cloud Grove floats like a cloud above the treetops of the Kienberg. The viewing structure, which was created as part of the IGA Berlin 2017, is not only the landmark of Kienberg Park that can be seen from afar, but also one of its highlights with its impressive architecture and views. Visible from afar, the centerpiece of the park, located directly next to the Gardens of the World, is also a special testimony to the art of engineering: it consists of approximately 170 steel nodes supported by slender steel columns arranged like the trunks in a grove of trees. The struts, which run irregularly in a sophisticated construction, are symbolic of the organic growth of branches on a tree.

The aisles of the cloud grove are enclosed in a translucent membrane that is discreetly illuminated from within in different colors when it gets dark. Only the view from the highest point of the cloud grove is even more impressive. At 120 meters above sea level, the view extends far beyond the center of Berlin with the TV tower and into the Brandenburg region. An elevator is available for visitors with limited mobility.

In addition, the panorama café "Wolke Sieben" is located at Wolkenhain. It offers light meals, coffee and homemade cakes as well as a great view of the Berlin skyline.

Opening hours of the Kienbergplateau with the Wolkenhain

In the winter months

07:30 to approx. 19:30. Please note: Due to the risk of slipping caused by weather conditions, the Wolkenhain or the Wolkenhain area may remain closed for safety reasons.

During the summer months

In summer, the Kienberg plateau is open from sunrise to sunset.

Aussicht auf den Bezirk Marzahn-Hellersdorf mit seinen Plattenbauten vom Wolkenhain im Kienbergpark
© Thomas Uhlemann

Facts & Figures


The measures were financed from the joint task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure" with federal and state funds and co-financed by the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.


geskes.hack Landscape Architects, Kolb Ripke Architects, VIC Bridges and Engineering.


April 13, 2017 for the IGA Berlin 2017

More public buildings

Das Besucherzentrum der Gärten der Welt vom Blumberger Damm aus gesehen
© Thomas Uhlemann
Visitor Centre Gärten der Welt
Das Umweltbildungszentrum im Kienbergpark mit seiner Holzfassade
© Konstantin Börner
Environmental Education Center Kienbergpark
Außenansicht des Umweltbildungszentrums im Britzer Garten mit seinen quer verstellten Holzstreben als Umschalung
© Dominik Butzmann
Environmental Education Center Britzer Garten