Die denkmalgeschützten Schaugewächshäuser aus Glas im Botanischen Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow
© Grün Berlin

Since 1 January 2022, Grün Berlin will return responsibility for the management and development of the Blankenfelde-Pankow Botanical People's Park to the district of Pankow. With the expiry of the usage contract concluded until 31 December 2021, Grün Berlin GmbH's responsibility for the park has thus ended. Please contact the district with all enquiries.

We would like to thank all visitors, all friends of the park and the many partners and service providers for their encouragement and support in the maintenance and development of the Botanical People's Park.

On the grounds of what was once Berlin's largest school garden, the Blankenfelde-Pankow Botanical People's Park offers 34 hectares of listed buildings and gardens dating from the beginning of the 20th century, surrounded by valuable natural forests and meadows.

In the Botanical People's Park, visitors can expect a diverse plant community with many endangered species. The park gathers thousands of partly rare plants, herbaceous perennials and plants that have been brought together over the years, for example in the Southeast European Forest and the Small Arboretum. In addition to nature, the show greenhouses in the park, the geological wall, the arboretum and the cottage garden are particularly worth seeing.

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