Ein Luftblick über die Flächen des zukünftigen Landschaftspark Gatow
© Dirk Laubner


Landscape Park Gatow

As a compensatory measure for the housing construction on the western part of the runways of the former Gatow airfield in Berlin Spandau, it is planned to develop an extensive landscape between the 'Landstadt Gatow' housing estate, the Gatower Heide, the Potsdamer Chaussee and the adjacent area of the Air Force Museum.

 The 1st prize winner of the open landscape planning competition, which was organised by the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, the Federal Real Estate Agency and in collaboration with the Spandau District Office in 2011, was Kiefer CS from Berlin. For reasons of species protection, intensive ecological support was integrated into the subsequent planning process, and the planning was adapted several times and realigned to the aspects of species protection. The coordination process for the adapted preliminary design has not yet been completed.

For the further realisation of the project, the project was transferred to the Grün Berlin Stiftung in 2016, which thus assumes the developer function for the development and implementation of the Gatow Landscape Park in Berlin-Spandau.


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